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N6850 Camp Awana Rd


Willoway Farm is an artisanal heirloom produce, fruit, herb & flower market garden. We offer Community Support Agriculture programs of produce, flowers & eggs all grown on farm. We create Wedding & Event Floral Arrangements. We also sell our goods to southeastern Milwaukee chefs & South Shore Farmer Market in Bayview.

The Whole farm Share 18 weeks

Willoway Farm (Shop) 2018

Here you will find CSA options available for sign up. We also sell other services i.e. custom made broadforks. Please note all CSA prices online reflect the 3% service to have a credit online shop. If you would prefer to pay by check or cash please contact us to ensure there is an available item and we can do commerce outside the online credit service. We are open to 2 or 3 time payment arrangements upon request and discussion.

The Whole farm Share 18 weeks

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The Whole farm Share 18 weeks

825.00 835.00

Receive 18 weeks of 5/8 bushel basket full of our garden edible treats and 17 weeks of Hand tied bouquets.

***PLEASE NOTE*** prices in our online shop have the 3% service charge the credit card company charges us, incorporated in the total.Send a check by mail or pay in cash the total . Therefor this total if paid by cash or check is $810.00. If you would like to pay by check you must contact us through the contact option on our website and confirm there are shares available, then once we receive a payment you are locked into the CSA share. 

****As always we are Completely Open to Payment Arrangements in 2 or 3 payments. This would need to be 2/3 paid down by May 1st and Final payment received by June 1st if doing a 3 payment option. If doing a 2 payment option we request it be paid in full by May 1st. Contact us if you would like a payment options****. It is another $125 for home delivery options in which you would contact us direct about so we can arrange a proper payment for it.

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Pickup Locations


On Farm

Fredonia Village residence

Java House in Cedarburg on Washington Ave.                   

Slow Pokes Grafton, WI 53024 - 262 375 5522

Thursday-typically delivered no later then 4 pm-text will be sent to group if running late

Cambridge Woods Residence-N. Newhall St, Mke/ South Shorewood

Eastside Residence-2920 N. Downer Ave. Milwaukee

Company Brewing 735 E. Center St. Milwaukee, WI 53211

The Waxwing 1800 E. North Ave, Milwaukee

Bavette La Boucherie 330 Menomonee St. ,Milwaukee 3rd Ward- Flowers & Veggies

Monkey Bar Gymnasium 173 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202


South Shore’s Farmer’s Market -8 am till noon: 2900 S. Shore Dr. Milwaukee, WI 53207 (Bayview)