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Willoway Farm is an artisanal heirloom produce, fruit, herb & flower market garden. We offer Community Support Agriculture programs of produce, flowers & eggs all grown on farm. We create Wedding & Event Floral Arrangements. We also sell our goods to southeastern Milwaukee chefs & South Shore Farmer Market in Bayview.


About Daniel and Jacqueline

Daniel and Jacqueline met in Whitefish, Montana. Jacqueline was a Whitefish resident for 4.5 years and Daniel lived there for two winters during the final 2 years. Daniel and Jacqueline right away had the love of the outdoors and nature in common.

Daniel before meeting Jacqueline earn a bachelor degree in Philosophy. After meeting and dating Jacqueline worked a final season in Fortine, MT and Daniel ventured to Europe for a 3 month long trip. One of the many highlights was the WWOOF experience he had there in the Orrkney Islands where he stayed at a farm for 3 weeks. The Wheems grew vegetables, raise a few dairy cows and made handcrafted cheeses. The Wheems were a couple much talented, the wife also is a well known felt and screen print artist as well as a professional musician. After that trip Jacqueline moved to Wisconsin with Daniel to see were the road would take them next. 

Jacqueline traveled to Whitefish after spending a winter in Taos, New Mexico in 1998/1999 with friends from college.Jacqueline's dream at that time was to get paid to work in Glacier National Park. Not knowing anyone in Whitefish she first got a pup from Taos and made her journey there finding a home and a job right away to her luck. Jacqueline worked for the Forest Service for 4 seasons and one summer in Glacier National Park. Jacqueline did forestry work and earned a Red Card certification to fight fires. One summer she worked in Alaska on a trail crew, silviculture and fire crew. On her weekends in Whitefish she worked at an organic farm. In Whitefish Jacqueline worked on a wonderful farm called Purple Frog Gardens. ( It was there Jacqueline first volunteered, then was offered payment for the work. Purple Frog Gardens at that time was growing vegetables, herbs, flowers, hops, and hosted a young apple orchard along with raising chickens for laying eggs. It was simply a wonderful experience and it spurred interest in sustainable agriculture. 

In fall of 2003 after moving to Wisconsin they both attended an open house to the Garden Student Program at Micheal Fields Institute in East Troy. The program sounded right up their alley and in 2004 they both were garden students for the whole season. The program taught all aspects of organic farming large scale and small scale. Each student could pick an interest that they could receive more workshops on. Jacqueline at the time was interested in organic certification and Daniel focused on Micro Greens. After completing the course they bouth moved to Pennsylvania as more opportunity arrived. Daniel worked with his uncle near State College Pennsylvania building a tall smokestack and getting a savings to apply to future dreams. During this time they pursued an opportunity to begin their own market garden on an 80 acres old estate in the Endless Mountain. Here they were able to apply what they learned at Micheal Fields Agriculture Institute including biodynamics. They started from scratch. Dan built a greenhouse hoophouse. They took an acre of an organic managed hayfield and turned it into a garden full of raised beds planted with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They also raise chickens for eggs. The farm was one mile from Montrose, PA downtown where they attended a farmer's market. They also sold to chefs and attended a Binginham Farmer's Market.

The venture in Pennsylvania was to see if this work was for them, if they could manage a successful market garden. The season was a grande experience. That fall however in 2005 Dan's grandpa was ailing and he traveled home to visit his family. Another trip pursued back to Wisconsin and Daniel and Jacqueline drove the Kettle Moraine countryside looking at properties for fun. The two literally drove by their current farm and were drawn to it. Then amazingly the property went up for sale that holiday season. After 3 days of it being on the real estate market they put a bid on it. That was in December 2005 and in March 206 they moved in.


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