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N6850 Camp Awana Rd


Willoway Farm is an artisanal heirloom produce, fruit, herb & flower market garden. We offer Community Support Agriculture programs of produce, flowers & eggs all grown on farm. We create Wedding & Event Floral Arrangements. We also sell our goods to southeastern Milwaukee chefs & South Shore Farmer Market in Bayview.


Wedding & Event Floral Arrangements

photo above shot by Kim Kedinger Photography (late May 2015)

Waggle Dance Flowers is a branch of Willoway Farm creating touchable non toxic floral arrangements from our garden to your table. We in corporate natives flora, garden flowers, herbs and vegetables all available to ornate your dream spread for your magical wedding day.

The following is available for weddings-

Set Up service

Take down service

Bride and bridesmaids bouquets

Accessories-hair pieces, flowers for cakes, vase identifiers

Floral Crowns- perishable and dryable

Boutonnieres, Corsages

Table top arrangements

Altar arrangements, garland, wreaths, table floral runner

Hanging flowers

Succulent Doughnuts, cupcakes and cakes for a collection of succulents to live beyond your wedding!




Waggle Dance Flowers is  a branch of Willoway Farm. First how about we discuss what is the "Waggle Dance". The honey gatherers of a honeybee colony perform a "dance" when in the hive to direct fellow workers where to find the best flower for pollen. The bee begins by wagging its body side to side and the amount of waggles tell the distance needed to travel. Then the honeybee turns moving in a semi circle back to start the waggle again then a turn for another semi circle. The dance essentially forms a figure 8. The turn designates how many degrees from the sun the flower sits in the field. So the Waggle Dance tells the direction to go to get to the best flowers as well as the distance.

link for info on waggle dance

Choosing local flowers for your wedding is a big statement a bride can make, supporting alot of positive things for today's community. By choosing flowers from a local farm for your event you are paying a farmer directly, you are supporting a farm that provides vast food for our native pollinators, you are supporting a small business, you are helping sustain a green and healthy  parcel of land amid other folks land management. The flowers will be unique and fresher then any you would get at a florist or grocery store -cuz it is fresh from our garden. All the flowers here are grown from see and bulbs. Much of the seeds and bulbs are saved year after year. Contact Jacqueline to discuss what opportunity awaits you from our farm and garden which can use our herbs, veggies, fruit and flowers all in your arrangements.

September Floral Arrangement

September Floral Arrangement